Hi! I'm a product manager and geospatial technologist, passionate about building and applying beautiful and impactful digital technologies for urban planners and engineers.


I started my career in urban planning, design, and policy analysis where I honed my skills in urban design, graphic design, stakeholder engagement, visioning, and planning policy development for cities across Canada.


Inspired by the power of GIS in planning I embarked on a new path to become a geomatics engineer, with a focus on remote sensing techniques in cities. I wanted to use data to see and study the cities we were transforming in a digital way.


I joined Arup as a senior GIS Analyst to lead GIS projects and build digital products for major urban infrastructure projects. Here I developed expertise in product ownership, product management, UX research, UI design, and data strategies. 


Eager for new adventures, I moved over to Niantic as a Product Manager for its geodata platform. Here, I work cross-functionally with an incredibly nimble team to maintain and serve the geospatial data that fuels location-based AR games.


MSc. Geomatics (with Distinction)  

Delft University of Technology 

Sept 2011 - Dec 2013


Certificate in Applied Digital Cartography and GIS

Ryerson University 

Sept 2009 – Dec 2010 


BSc. Environmental Sciences 

Natural Resources Management (with Honours) 

University of Guelph

Sept 2002 – June 2006


Product management, ideation, visioning, roadmapping, stakeholder engagement, public consultation, design workshop facilitation, UX research, UI design, digital and data strategy, Agile; geomatics, GIS, spatial analysis, image analysis, remote sensing, spatial data collection; planning policy, strategy, strategic design, urban design, communications, branding, graphic design.

APPS, software, languages

MASTER: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint (iOS and Windows), 


EXPERT: PCI Geomatica, Quantum GIS, ArcGIS, FME, Fulcrum Mobile Mapping


PROFICIENT: ProjectWise, AutoDesk ReCap, Leaflet, SQL, Python, HTML, XML, MATLAB, Idrisi Selva, image classification algorithms (in Python), Jira, Confluence, SharePoint


COMPETENT: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Azure, FME, SharePoint, ProjectWise, AutoDesk ReCap, Leaflet, SQL


English (mother tongue)

Korean (second language)

Spanish (basic, elementary)

Dutch (basic, elementary)

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