The following is a showcase of projects that have shaped my career in city-building and geospatial technologies.


Niantic Wayfarer (Community mapping)

Among other responsibilities, as Senior Product Manager I am leading a cross-functional team to build and innovate an ecosystem of products that supports the growth and development of Niantic's coveted 15M large POI database used by games like Pokémon GO, Ingress, and Pikmin Bloom. I also own all internal tooling used by our Operations team to enforce content management policies for trust & safety and data quality. 

Digital Strategy for the Long Island Railroad expansion project @ARUP

As Lead Information Manager and Product Manager I am leading a team of developers to build a custom web-application for the Long Island Railroad Expansion Project - a $2.6B third rail expansion. We are also deploying mobile mapping and reporting with 2.5D photography on-site to enhance communication and documentation of construction progress for all stakeholders. 


mapping imperviousness in new york city @Arup

As Project Manager and Technical Lead, I am leading a team of GIS Analysts to map surface imperviousness across every lot in New York City as part of a 10 year update. Our approach involves object-oriented image analysis and regimented QC procedure to ensure a 95% classification accuracy. The study also includes research into impervious area based stormwater management programs across four US cities.



NYCT Flood Dashboard @Arup

Engaged by Arup's water engineering team, I acted as UX Researcher and Product Owner for a web-application for interactive visualization of complex tunnel flood model outputs. As a decision-making tool, it provides critical input into preventative and mitigative measures for subway flood disasters. I was able to provide direct user insight (in-situ) on the beta-app that drove drastic UX and UI improvements while maintaining technical engineering content.



Toronto's Downtown Parks Study @cityoftoronto

As a Parks Planner, I coordinated research and analysis on downtown parks policy for the TOcore comprehensive planning study, in collaboration with City Planning, Transportation Services, and Toronto Water. I designed and executed the first large-scale Park Asset Inventory and Use Survey using the Fulcrum mobile mapping solution.

Regina Downtown Neighbourhood Plan @DIALOG

As an Urban Planner for Dialog (formerly Office for Urbanism), I worked alongside Principals Jennifer Keesmaat and Antono Gomez-Palacio to implement and facilitate public forums, visioning workshops, urban design workshops, and policy analyses. Our team developed a community consensus-driven vision, design principles and key design ideas to re-invigorate Regina's downtown.